Monday, August 10, 2009

Definitely Not Chicago

I decided, during my many hours of driving across the country (~33 hours if I recall correctly), that I'll try to package my posts here into one of three three formats: status updates (like today), occurrences, and general musings. We can work on the names. Status updates should serve to keep you all, my friends and family, abreast of where I am at and what is going on in my life in general, working again under the assumption that I'll not call or write nearly enough emails. In the "occurrences" section, I'll try to capture some of the interesting or humorous events that help compose the experience as a medical student. Finally, I'll try to occasionally trot out a longer post with some more depth on topics like the current healthcare system from the eyes of a potential almost doctor. Hopefully I can suppress my desires to post lengthy diatribes about the lack of proper cuisine in Waukegan.

On to the status update: I made it to Waukegan. Thank you to my college friend Ali who graciously drove across the country with me. I have an apartment somewhere between Park City and Waukegan, about 5 miles from campus. As Rosalind-Franklin is a small institution, on-campus housing is limited. Can't wait for snow.
Orientation starts tomorrow and class begins a week from today. The journey has begun and the excitement level slowly rises. So too does the humidity level. One of those has lead me to feel damp.