Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Dumber

The main point of my blog is to capture the process of medical education and the psychological / sociological changes I experience along with changes in my perspective about medicine. As an M1, the latter will have to wait a year or more. Without exposure to the practice of medicine, my opinions on topics like reform of healthcare are roughly the same as before I entered school. I also wanted to make sure that friends and family know that I'm still breathing. The sharpest amongst you may be able to deduce that my ability to write is very much dependent on my ability to breathe so we can check the last one off. I haven't yet succumb to any of the plethora of diseases I'll learn about and then momentarily worry about having.

So you get to read about my brain. With each passing day, I grow more stupid. Not regarding topics like biochemistry or physiology, but rather... everything else. I wrote previously about the occasional bouts of craziness stemming from a very intense and singular focus. A new symptom of Medschoolemia emerges: loss of ability in facets of every day life, especially spelling and language, both written and verbal. While in Boston over Thanksgiving (I had a lovely time and I did not save you any cannoli), I was having a conversation with my sister. I spent roughly five minutes trying to come up with the word "insecure" as a descriptor. Five minutes. Couldn't do it. This sort of issue now occurs daily. While I doubt anyone would have accused me of being one of the all-time great orators prior to this, I fear that having a conversation with me lies somewhere on the spectrum between talking to Porky Pig and Marcel Marceau. I'd have gone with Harpo but he'd hand you his leg and make a sandwich with your tie, and who wouldn't enjoy that? Hopefully winter break provides the opportunity to do things like read for enjoyment and spend time not packing my brain. I just may get more functional as a result.

*Note: After proofing this, there were quite a few errors in grammar and there probably are a few I haven't found yet. I wasn't kidding. I've become an illiterate.