Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Like Biggy Said

I suck. I know it. I've been woefully lax about updating this blog for quite some time and the reasons are twofold. For starters, I've just not felt the persistent rash of inspiration upon the belly of my brain. As you can tell from the last sentence, I'm now a few weeks into Neuroscience and it's really paying off. The second reason for my lack of writing is due to the change in schedule caused by the aforementioned Neuroscience. I ordinarily start writing in the library after exams while I'm waiting for my friends to finish so that we can go get brunch. I then generally finish while on the train downtown the Saturday following an exam. However, class structure has now mixed between the very intensive Neuro and writing-based work for Medical Ethics and Epidemiology. As such, my usual non-studying time to occasionally write has been commandeered in a thoughtless manner by other classes.

So, I figured I'd drop in quickly for a status update. There are but four remaining weeks of school, after which I'll be headed back to Los Angeles to resume, briefly, my work at Cedars-Sinai in the wonderful Performance Improvement department. M1 summer is the last summer med students have away from any built-in responsibility, so that time can be used to do research, go abroad, sit on your duff, or whatever. Why am I choosing to work during this time and not just relax and travel? I want to remain involved in PI work as I progress through my career. It not only tickles both the medical and engineering sides of me but also represents an important part of the healthcare industry with respect to closing the gap between cost and quality. I may sneak some tennis in there too.